Monday, January 31, 2011

Archaeologist-couple type

(involves at least one archaeologist)

This mercurial moment, snow outside,
New York winter in full swing.

We’re getting married in three months,
Families will meet for the first time.

It’s Saturday night, after a long week,
We’re going across the bridge to celebrate.

A friend is taking us to The Fallen Woman,
Conveniently then, we get into a fight.

Words are said, the dig is mentioned,
Complexity, patterns, and change.

And then the question: Can you afford
to pay the rent, while gone for the summer?

Life means nothing but pleasure,
Only if you are not in love.
With you I can always
spend the time with delight.


If in the mood, try this:
Easy and blue, but lighthearted,
a little behind the beat

F#m A F#m E7
G Bm D F#m

Last verse/chorus
G Dm7 A E7
G Dm7 A G D


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